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Sep 10, 2023 words

Mickey and I had the privilege to attend and deliver a talk for PyCon TW last September 3.

This was our second international PyCon we've attended in person and our first time speaking in person internationally. We were very nervous but thankfully we felt like the talk went better than we anticipated.

The talk title is "One Does Not Simply Create a Lasting Tech Community". We dived into the ten-year journey of PythonPH, our strategies for organizing, and our approach to leadership development. We also enjoyed answering the questions from the audience post-talk, allowing us to reflect on our journey and challenges even more.

Outside of our session, I've connected with fellow attendees, leading me to reflect more about my past. Having been in the thick of balancing career, community work, and personal life, these conversations served as both reminders and lessons.

The venue, Academia Sinica, was very impressive. Despite the unpredictable weather that led to the unfortunate cancellation of some talks, the organizers showcased resilience. Their meticulous planning ensured attendees and speakers like myself experienced the conference seamlessly. A particular feature that caught my attention was the innovative system for audiences to pose questions and offer feedback post-talks.

Beyond the talks, the PyCon-magic is very much alive as well. I made new friends, like with Junya-san, my roommate. I've made good connections with some of the event sponsors and speakers, and also made note of potential speakers for PyCon PH 2024. I also had the chance to connect with the PyCon JP organizers present.

Another highlight for me was meeting the PyCon TW organizers. Their commitment, energy, and unique touch to this conference were commendable. There's much we, at PythonPH, can learn and adopt from them.

PyCon TW brought back the raw energy and passion I felt at my first PyCon back in 2012 - a whirlwhind of inspiration, the joy of learning, and the essence of sharing. As I've become a community organizer, my perspective has evolved, allowing me to view these gatherings through a unique lens. This event has also reinforced a realization: PyCons extend beyond new technologies and methodologies. They're also about making meaningful connections, nurturing communities, and personal growth.

More pictures from the event here!

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