Jul 14, 2021 words

Several things happened last year relating to our smartphones breaking down and with it, my attempts to repair and/or replace them altogether.

Those repair (and destruction) attempts rekindled my interest in hardware tinkering, making a pact to only buy used older generation flagship phones, and preferring hardware you can repair yourself.

So since early this year, I've decided to get into electronics as a hobby.

Little did I know that this will lead me down a rabbit-hole of other interests such as Raspberry Pis, and 3D Printing.

I've never gotten into those scenes before due to costs and maturity of the technology at the time. Getting into it now, I've realized it has matured enough and has had a pretty niche but dedicated community around it.

You can get a decent 3D printer now cheaper than a Nintendo Switch, and there's a Raspberry Pi with 8GB RAM!

Since purchasing an electronics starter kit and a 3D printer in April, I've spinned up a few projects and experiments. Apart from that, Mickey and I have taken our fasting practice up a notch and I've also revived my calisthenics journey.

With all that going on, I thought it would be nice to document the things I've been working on and what I've learned and discovered in the process.

I also think that writing it down will force me to take things slow and enjoy the process more.

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