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Dec 27, 2023 words

OKRs do not need to suck

I now appreciate how OKRs improved the visibility of how our actions aligns with our values in our annual couple planning process.

Why it clicked for us

Every year Mickey and I reflect upon the things we've accomplished in all key areas of our lives.

While we do feel like every year we are growing and moving towards the direction we set for ourselves, I appreciate how OKRs puts these front and center.

  • 🧘🏽Objectives: Clear end-states we're excited to achieve.
  • 📈Key Results: Leading indicators guides our journey.
  • ⚖️Measure: A 0-1 scale relative to the indicators.
  • 🔎Review: Regular reflections instead of just yearly.

Diving deeper

  • Objectives are ambitious and aspirational end-states directed by our values and vision.
    • What do we want to become?
    • Where do we want to be?
  • Key Results are not goals or action items like "Do X amount of events". They are measurable leading indicators like "As measured by the number of membership signups".
    • How do we know we are getting there?
  • Measurement is not about ticking boxes in your action items. Its relative to the outcomes of your Key Results.
    • < 0.6: We need to correct course.
    • 0.7-0.9: We are successful! We are on the right track.
    • 1: We achieved a truly incredible aspiration.
  • Regular review is about identifying which levers to move; what actions to take to move forward. Develop an attitude of continuous experimentation and learning.
    • What do I need to do or learn to move the needle?
    • How do I break this down into smaller, manageable chunks?
    • What resources do I need?
    • Is this still even relevant?

Taking it further

Now that it clicked, we want to apply this to PythonPH and our other endeavors too.

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