Nyfti test drive Makati-BGC 1
Jun 24, 2018 words

If you're like me, you probably had your on-and-off bouts using a bicycle. Perhaps you even thought it's not meant for you. However, life changes, Manila traffic got worst, and I wanted to break away from being sedentary. So here I am with a renewed interest in using a bicycle to commute, go places, and have fun adventures with my family and friends.

There are a couple of challenges with this -- not having a bike and not having enough experience in using a bike.

finding the the right bike

The first problem, not having a bike, should be easy enough to solve. Just buy a bike! But this comes with a sub-problem -- where to store the bike. This is a problem when your living in a 23sqm home. The solution: a folding bike!

the Nyfti folding bike

As a kid, I've always thought a folding bike is such a cool thing to have. I saw this video a few years ago that really made me yearn for one:

The bicycle featured in this video is the original Nyfti folding bike. It is a Filipino-made bike that has a very small folding dimension. It made me dream of travelling places with a bicycle.

experiencing a Nyfti ride for the first time

Last May 2018, I decided to pay the Nyfti workshop a visit. I met Carl Mamawal, co-founder and CEO, and he had me try one of the bikes for a spin. I was instantly hooked at how easy the riding and handling of the bike was.

Talking to Carl about the Nyfti bike

Later he asked me what did I plan to use the bike for. I told him I would use it to commute to my work place in BGC, then perhaps when I'm more skilled, I'd take it for touring.

He offered to give me and Mickey a bike tour from Makati to BGC using a couple of his demo bikes to show us a good route in and out of BGC. How cool is that?

my first 12km riding a bike

We met again a few weeks later at his place and set off to Mickey and I's very first long-ish bike ride.

These are the Nyfti bikes we used to get to BGC. It was my first time cycling across EDSA or cycling for more than a kilometer really. It was scary, thrilling and just an overall fun experience!

Nyfti test drive Makati-BGC 2

Carl is a pretty cool guy. He was very patient and accomodating in guiding a couple of noobs like us. He got us through EDSA and in and out of BGC safely.

getting my very own Nyfti bike

Fast forward to June 2018, I am now a proud and happy owner of a Nyfti Raio v2!

Nyfti Raio v2 proud owner

The second problem, where to store the bike, is solved as it fits perfectly into a small space too!

Nyfti Raio v2 perfect fit

Since then I've already taken it out for a few rides which I will be talking about soon.

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