Mar 01, 2018 words

Think of a promised place where there is no pain, hunger, sickness, and suffering. Where life is abundant and happiness is everlasting. It could be a utopian place, or state of mind or being.

Imagine having the ability to create this world or state ourselves and making it accessible to everyone.

As Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming more mature, one cannot help but imagine that this will enable a future where we can create simulated worlds like the Matrix or Star Trek's Holodeck or enable us to create avatars of ourselves like the Surrogates.

Essentially, finding a way to transcend our physical selves which operates on a particular heirarchy of needs through technology.

This transcendance has been man's journey towards enlightenment. Technology will make this accessible to everyone and allow us to unlock our full potential.

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