Oct 26, 2017 words

Starting over this blog has been one of those things I've been itching to do but never got to because #life-happens.

However I am currently in between moving to a new job and a new home, and finally having a quiet time to sit down and write as I enjoy a cup of coffee... yay!

Some of the things I will be writing about:

  • hard+soft skills for my new job as lead developer
  • improving my learning/teaching methods
  • calisthenics and health hacks
  • local and abroad travels
  • thoughts and philosophies about my personal and professional life
  • personal projects and curious experiments

Now that I've updated the theme on my blog during my downtime this week and I've settled in with the perfect title -- in between code, coffee, and peanut butter. I'm excited to get to writing more frequently-ish!

If you're interested with the theme I used, checkout zenmatt. It's inspired by the look and feel of mnmlist.com. Contributions are welcome!

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