Jan 01, 2014 words

Another year has been shaved off of my remaining years of existence and its high time to reflect on all of my experiences.


2013 was a year filled with unexpected, yet pleasant turn of events. A lot of milestones have been reached earlier than expected.

Now for the long version...


Last April I joined the engineering team of Save22. My growth as an engineer has really took off to a whole new level. I never had a chance to work with an engineering team as passionate and awesome. It's contagious.

Its interesting to note that the company's registered name is BOB FTW, where BOB stands for Band of Brothers. We do live up to the name and its spirit. I'm really thankful for all the experiences and friends I've gained there.

This year, I hope to bring in more contribution to the success of our company.

family diner

We've moved into a more cost-effective home/biz place. Its a 2-storey house where we've turned the 1st floor into the diner.

The family food business has been doing well early 2013 however things have been quite challenging towards the end.

However, our hopes remain high for this year. My plan is to find management seminars usually organized by Hapinoy and GoNegosyo or any other community where we can get ideas on how to take the family biz to the next level.

python.ph, inc

The Python Users Group Philippines has come a long way. 2013 is a milestone. Together with a group of core volunteers, we've incorporated our small group as a non-profit organization duly recognized by the Philippine government and the Python Software Foundation.

Our mission: To promote the Python programming language and to facilitate the growth of our local community of professionals and enthusiasts while hoping to make a small dent of improvement to the Philippine IT industry.

Co-founding and running a non-profit organization takes a lot of dedication and drive. I'm really lucky to be around this group of awesome folks.

This organization is very dear to me. Not only because its my first time to undertake something like this, but also because its been one of my long-term dreams to build a foundation similar to this. In a way, I'd like to believe that this is a granted wish from the heavens.

secret projects

2013 served as the breeding ground for the idea behind our secret project to solidify. This year the goal is to set the initial stages in motion.


Owning a home is waaay down our bucket list however when an opportunity was presented to Ela and I, we just had to take it.

Ela and I got ourselves a pre-selling studio condo in the Ayala Group's Avida Asten project in Makati. We would've went for a 1-bedroom unit had our budgets permitted. This takes a significant cut from our wedding savings fund but in any case, we are very happy with this humble abode.

We're now looking forward to the 2017 turnover of padlamat.

parting thoughts and on to 2014

For me, 2013 has really been the most eventful year yet. Most of the things that have happened are but a starting point so I'm expecting challenges to come this year. If anything, I'm actually looking forward to it.

2014 here we go!

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