Jan 02, 2014 words

A healthy programmer, is an effective programmer.
- me (when deciding to write this post)

One of my key goals for this year is to get in to the habit of keeping myself healthy. I believe its in our best interest as software engineers to have a balanced lifestlye to ensure that we are always working to the best of our abilities.

Since April of last year I've started feeling my way towards adding regular exercises as part of my weekly activities. I make sure that I do something to get my blood pumping at least once a week. While I've not been emperically tracking the effects of these efforts, It just feels good to get some adrenaline rush every now and then.

On a side note, my body fat percentage did became normal which was a first!

Anyway, I decided to take things up a notch for this month in the efforts of making this habit stick.

I'll be following a 4-week program set up by the awesome folks at Fitness Blender.

I'll be doing a weekly update of my progress here and see how it goes.


Whilst I've been lazy about documenting my 4-week experimentation, I can tell you that I've had phenomenal results following the program.

Since then, I've developed a habit of regular exercise and is now part of my weekly routine. I've also tried out other exercise practices lately such as HIIT and the 7-minute workout to great effect as well.

I'm now starting a new fitness program which I'll be writing about soon.

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