Dec 21, 2013 words

Its almost Christmas and the domains I've registered last year are a few days short of expiration. Its time to make a choice!

GoDaddy - a brief background

Last year I got myself several nice domains for a very cheap price at GoDaddy. I was pretty much new with buying stuff online and I'm a cheapskate and GoDaddy sort of handed me that indulgence. You simply search over the internets you'll find GoDaddy coupons all over the place.

However, as I learn more about the domain registration and differences between each registrar I've kinda regretted that decision.

NameSilo - a new beginning

It was yesterday when I started to take seriously GoDaddy's email notifications about my domains that are due for expiration soon. As I checked, the renewal cost where really high. What I previously got for dirt cheap (~US$3), will now cost me about US$14. And I have 4 of them expiring soon!

I was already considering moving away from GoDaddy after all the controversies spinning around the company anyway so this only sealed that deal for me. Time to hit the internets to search for alternatives.

NameCheap was up my alley at this point, in fact I have 1 domain with them. However as I looked further, I stumbled upon NameSilo.

Now NameSilo just clicked with me instantly. Cheap, no upsells, no hidden charges, free WHOIS protection, and most importantly registration costs are the same as renewals.

So I reloaded my prepaid credit card and went on about the domain transfer process. It was relatively straightforward and about 20mins later my domains are now happily hanging out on NameSilo.

In case you're looking into transferring your domains or thinking of getting a new one, I highly recommend in giving them a try.

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