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As I am faced with this unknown world I have decided to read and learn about it as much as I can before proceeding with my journey.

I found the most comfortable spot behind a large boulder nearby for I know not what danger could befall me in this unfriendly looking part of this land.

I've also noticed that I am actually carrying with me packs of rations and a pencil and journal. I've decided to note down important and interesting stuff from the history book.

political history

This land called Britannia underwent an Age of Darkness.

The first was when the land was terrorized by an evil wizard named Mondain who was later felled by an adventurer. However it was followed by restlessness for the people of Britannia can't seem to get over the terror.

Modain's terror soon lived anew through his apprentice Minax. Soon a new age of darkness befell the land. Her powers soon grew greater than her former master that it spread through time itself. Later heroes of legend emerged and killed her in her castle.

For twenty years peace has roamed the land of Britannia. Then disturbing omens appeared and was later followed by an emergeance of a fiery island. This signified the third era of darkness. This story was accounted by Iolo, the bard. Lord British of Sosaria called through time and space for heroes. Four diverse individuals came to answer the call and soon the greatest battle of their time ensued. After ardous struggle, the heroes won and felled Exodus.

From the rubbles of Britannia, Lord British united the land under one rule and raised the quality of life in the land. Britannia is now in a new age of peace and progress.


Looking at the map that I have, I continued to read through the chapter that talked about the different places indicated. I was able to make out which place are being mentioned in the book as it appears in the map.

Lord British Castle - Situated in the center of the continent, overlooking Britanny Bay.

Town of Britain - Located near Lord British Castle. Bards thrive here. Perhaps I can find Iolo here.

Serpent's Spine - A great mountain range in the north of Lord British Castle. There's an out-of-the-way pass here during summer for faster travel. Beware of Cyclops and Ettins!

Deep Forest - Northwest of Serpent's Spine.

City of Yew - Located deep within the Deep Forest. Druids live here.

Empath Abbey - The Spiritual Center of Britannia located near the City of Yew.

High Steppes - Located in the east of the Deep Forest famous for their horses. This place seems to have a lot of Rogues and evil Wizards. There's also lake here known for mysterious disturbances.

Bloody Plains - Located just beyond the High Steppes. Named after the fact that it was a site for great battles during the dark ages. Rumor has it that in some phases of the moon ghosts appear and relive that battle once again.

Lost Hope Bay - Located north of the Bloody Plains. Tinkers live here. This town is also know for the Wayfarer's Inn.

Northeastern Tip of Brittania - Beware of poisonous marshes, large swarm of insects, and other vile beasts.

Trinsic - Located in the southern edge of the continent. Here, I can find Paladins. The Tap has a bartender who is a great source of gossip. I'll remember to tip him well.

Cape of Heroes - Found in the claws of the southern edge of the continent.

Order of Silver Serpent HQ - Found in an island south of Cape of Heroes.

Valarian Isles - Slightly to the west of Cape of Heroes.

Jhelom - An town within the Valarian Isles know for the best Inn and bravest Fighters.

Skara Brae - Home of the Rangers. Located in an island in the west of the continent. There's a Mystic Healer here who can cure all sorts of disease and you only pay what you can afford.

Verity Isle - Northeastern part of Britannia.

Lycaeum - Found within Verity Isle. It is the center of higher learning and astronomy in Britannia.

Moonglow - A city know for mages. Found in the south of Verity Isle. Here I can find herbs and regent to mix to prepare magical spells? Interesting.

There are still several uncharted places here in Britannia but the ones that I have to be specially wary of is the Fens of the Dead. It appears like all manner of evil roam this place.

There's also a place far off named Magincia which the gods have destroyed because of the insufferable pride of the people who lived there. Magincia was once a rich and beautiful town but its now in complete ruins.

wait a minute...

Magincia sounds familiar.

I glanced over the rock from which I was sitting and looked at the ruins a few meters away. There's a sign in one of the pillars the read "Magincia". The books says this town is filled with ailing spirits of the inhabitants. No wonder this place feels unfriendly. I better stay away from that place for now.

The book also mentioned to avoid the dungeons scattered all over the continent.


There seems to be eight major professions in the whole of Britannia. All of them are based from one of the major towns mentioned in the geography except for one - the Shepherd. Also all the other seven professions appear to have their own specialty and coolness factor except for the Shepherd, whom the book describes as:

It is uncertain whether Shepherds are skilled in any form of warfare or in the mystic arts. However, they are highly valued travelling companions for their humility and their knowledge of the ways of the land.

Great! Looks like I got the worst profession in this land after all. No magic, no fighting skills... This is going to be tough. But I'm also not afraid of anything. I'll get by somehow.

It also looks like I'll need to find companions along the way.


A variety of shops are found in each town. There are Inns, Pubs, Armories, Weaponries, etc.

Inside Lord British Castle, lives Seer Hawkwind who can give advice about the path I have to take.

There's also a persisting rumor that a Thieves Guild still exists somewhere in one of the uncharted islands.

The Herb shop sells ingredients needed to perform spells. Some rare ingredients are not sold all the time if not at all.


Ah this is most important for a journeyman such as myself. There are several modes of transportation in Britannia: Feet, Horse, Ship. But the most interesting method though is via Moon Gates.

The active gate is indicated by the phase of the moon Trammel, while the destination gate is indicated by the phase of the moon Felucca.

So that explains the moon illustrations all over the map as well as the two moons I see in the sky.

Also, of all the terrain types in Britannia the most dangerous one are the marshes because of its poisonous vapors. Come to think of it, there are marshes all over this place.

The Lycaeum appears to have been working on a lighter than air device but the blueprints have been stolen.

weapons and armour of the realm

Of all the available weaponry and armours I can only wear cloth and either use a staff or a slingshot. I guess a bow is worth a try as well.

There are also rumours of magical weapons and armor but they'll become available when the weilder is ready. How?

magical arts

The secret is a proper mix of the available ingredients. I think the other book can guide me here better. But I must find a companion who can wield magic first.

The most powerful ingredients: Nightshade and Mandrake root are not for sold anywhere. I wonder where I can find them?


It appears that there's a number of creatures in this realm but they're either neutral or evil types. I guess its better to avoid the evil ones at all cost and avoid killing the neutral ones.

the skills of combat

I can summarize the notes indicated in the book:

  • Always be prepared before engaging the enemy.
  • Avoid killing neutral enemies.
  • Take advantage of terrain tactics.
  • It is not cowardly to flee when necessary.

modern civilization and our universe

This chapter explained a lot the reason behind this whole incident.

Looks like in this new age of peace where the focus of human development is no longer about expanding territory and fighting a world terror, a question needs answering. What is the next step in human evolution? What should be our focus to keep the peace we are enjoying and demonstrate what we have learned from the wrongs of the past?

To answer this question we must turn inward. Look within ourselves.

The author went on with an interesting premise that one must journey and learn the ways of the world and discover the essence of good. A journey to become an Avatar of all the virtues.

It looks like the book mentions that this is the journey that I have to take and that this is my destiny.

This all seems unbelievable to me. Why me? I'm just a regular peaceful guy going on about my life. Though I've always been someone who tries to seek out my purpose outside of the mundane, this is just too much!

I really have to see Lord British and talk to him. Maybe he can send me back to my time.


Whew that was a handful! But I think writing it all was quite worth it. It made me realize certain aspects of the game that I didn't quite understand when I was playing it back in 2001.

I finally understood how those damn Moon Gates work!

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