Aug 06, 2013 words

It's been a very challenging week for me and I just wanted to escape from it all. Life hasn't really been treating me well. The new job didn't quite turned out what I wanted to do after all, I had a fight with my girlfriend, my parents are having all sorts of domestic issues. Oh man!

Good thing its the weekend and I can finally get some peace and quiet by the willow tree in the nearby hills. I really like hanging out here. It really relaxes my mind and I can be calm and still.

a strange happening

I was just about to fall a sleep when a some kind of portal appeared a few meters in front of me. There was a bright light and in an instant the portal disappeared.

I then saw something glimmer and then there was a loud "thud". Walking towards the sound, I saw a cross with a circle on top of it. People call this an "Ankh". I heard the Egyptians thinks of it as a symbol of life. Right beside it are a couple of books wrapped in cloth which resembles a map with strange writings on it. One of the books is a history book and the other one is a strange looking book about magic.

Somehow, I am compelled to read the history book. So I browsed over it, but shortly decided to put it away for now.

beyond the hills

Suddenly I heard a mix of merry music and laughter behind a nearby hill. I was attracted to it. As I was approaching the source of the sound, I was welcomed with a sight of a carnival. I'm pretty sure there's no carnival here before. Its all very strange indeed.

I continued walking towards the entrance. When the guard saw my Ankh he ushered me right in. I was then attracted to a strange music coming from a wagon. I walked straight for it, not minding the rest of the carnival.

Inside, I was met by a Gypsy who's also wearing an Ankh. She mentioned something about they've been waiting for me. She then told me that its time to reveal my destiny. I feel very strange and creeped out right now but I'm somehow curious to know what is she talking about. So I decided to play along.

going spiral

She brought out some cards and an abacus-like object minus the beads and begun asking me situational questions depending on the card the she picked.

I answered them honestly and once the final question was answered, the Gypsy said that my path is set. Suddenly, I started feeling very dizzy. Everything around me suddenly turned spiral. Before I lost consciousness, I heard the Gypsy told me to seek out the King to find out what my mission is.

the journey begins

When I regained my consciousness, I found myself lying on the ground with staff on my hand. The Ankh is around my neck and the map and books were right beside me. I'm also wearing a brownish robe and tunic, just like the shepherds I see in pictures.

The land around me is very strange and seems dangerous. Suddenly I remembered the events that transpired before I got here. I'm supposed to find the King of this land. I remembered his name is Lord British. But how do I get there and where am I exactly?

As if my problems aren't big enough, now I'm stuck in some strange land with no clue on what's happening. I'm both terrified and strangely excited at the same time.

Terrified of what perils are in stored for me here yet excited by the smell of adventure and new discoveries. I've always been the curious, adventurous type after all!

I guess I better finish reading the history book to get some clues.


In case you missed it, I actually got a Shepherd class character. I haven't played this class before and I'm quite excited to play him out. Oh and I named him Eli. It just seems like I've been quite fond of using that name for my characters lately.

Also, notice that I've decided to write the story in first-person POV for better immersion.

I think Ultima IV is one of those games where you really have to play out the role to get the most out of the game. Its not just about hack-and-slashing your way through the game or making the best character build or unlocking the next achievement or highscore. Its a genuine experience where the game doesn't hold your hand and leaves you in a massive world waiting for you to experience and discover its secrets and grandeur.

Lastly, be forewarned: There will be typos and grammatical errors!

UPDATE 2018-12-07

This is a merger from a gaming blog I thought of making before.

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