Aug 06, 2013 words

"The games of old are nothing like the games of this age."

That was my prevailing thought after a long chat with Ron and Ray about how different are the games of this generation compared to the games of the 80's and the 90's. We reminisced about how nostalgic and elaborate are the games of that time. They just have a longer lasting effect and develops a deep connection to the gamer.

Incidentally, I was starting out with getting back at the games that I used to play at that time and I thought why not write about the adventures of the characters that I play since I'm mostly playing RPGs. I can also write about the kinds of games that I play and even write a review.

So why am I doing this?

Mostly for the heck of it and it'll be a good exercise for my creative and imaginative side. It might even contribute to one of my long-term goals of creating my own graphic novel / game.

UPDATE 2018-12-07

This is a merger from a gaming blog I thought of making before.

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