Sep 17, 2012 words

My recent move to finally join (full-time) the tech start-up scene made me reflect once again on this topic.

I feel like I've just stepped into the "unknown abyss" that we call the entrepreneurial road where a steady monthly paycheck is out of the question. This is quite a big leap for someone who -- like a lot of people -- have mouths to feed, debts to pay, and a family to support.

But -- again, like a lot of people -- I have plans for the future, passions to pursue, a purpose to fullfil, and I'm not getting any younger.

So I made the jump nonetheless.

It's easy actually.

Just close your eyes, hold your breathe, and brace yourself for the roller coaster ride!

Not so fast friend!

I didn't just went for it. If I did I would've faltered off the bat.

I was preparing my heart for years.

When my heart was ready, I've talked to the people I cared about for support. Then, when I finally got their (hesitant) blessing that's the time I made the jump.

You see, there's a reason why even a faint sense of responsibility is required for this:

People who care about you are affected the most in every decision or path you take. If you care about them too, you won't feel there's any point in your undertakings if you don't have them to share your ups and downs. It'll be one lonely roller coaster ride indeed.

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