Sep 23, 2012 words

I attended a dream boarding workshop with Mickey last September 22. What I thought to be just a day of fulfilling "boyfriend duties", turned out quite amazing.

I made a realization.

In case you didn't know; dream boarding is when you put visual representation of your goals, desires, ambitions, dreams or what have you in a piece of card board (best on an illustration board). The idea is that, these images becomes a mantra or a cue. Something that you can focus on.

Since the workshop activities were timebound and the board we used is small (1/8 illustration board), we were forced to prioritize what to put on the board.

This got me thinking.

What are the most important goals do I have in the next couple of years or the next few months even? Then I realized that what I really need is to improve myself further. And how do I do that? Form better habits.

Maybe much of what we wanted to achieve in life may just be a byproduct of having good habits.

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